Aloha, welcome to my travelguide in which I will present to you the many interesting "Elvis locations" on two of the Hawaiian Islands; The island of Oahu and the Island of Kauai.

But first let me introduce myself to you. My name is Martin Nolet and I am the webmaster of this "Elvis in Hawaii" website and I will be your tourguide on your discovery in finding the 'Elvis locations" on Oahu and Kauai. I know many visitors of this website think I live in Hawaii but I actually live in Europe, in The Netherlands.

My first introduction to the beautiful islands of Hawaii was during my summer vacation in 1993. At the time I only visited the Island of Oahu. Since than it has been my wish to revisit this "paradise on earth". Finally in 2003 I had saved enough money to go back and this time I had the chance to visit not only Oahu but also Kauai and Maui.

I had the intention of finding the locations of Elvis' Hawaiian movies on Oahu and Kauai but also the locations of Elvis' concerts on Oahu.

I hope this section of my site will be a guide for Elvis fans planning to visit Hawaii but if you won't be traveling to Hawaii I am sure you will enjoy seeing the Elvis locations on this site anyway!


Panorama view on Waikiki

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Martin Nolet
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