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This movie was first named
Hawaiian Beach Boy,
which was later changed into its
final name: Blue Hawaii

Elvis had just signed a five-year contract with the producer,
Hal B. Wallis before filming of Blue Hawaii started.

The movie was based on the book Beach Boy written by Allan Weiss.

Juliet Prowse was signed to play the role of Maile Duval, early 1961. In March of 1962 it was announced that Ms. Prowse would be replaced by the actress Joan Blackman. It's said Elvis didn't like the change and disliked working with Joan Blackman.

Angela Lansbury, who was only 35 years old when acting in Blue Hawaii,
was playing the role of the mother of Elvis (26 years old at the time).
Mrs. Lansbury was nominated for an Oscar
for best supporting actress in her first movie "Gaslight".