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NOTE about the author:

Jerry Hopkins has been chronicling popular music since his graduation from Washington and Lee University in 1957.
He is a twenty-year veteran of Rolling Stone, and authored two highly praised books about Elvis Presley:

“Elvis: A Biography,” published in 1971 and
“Elvis: The Final Years,” published in 1980, as well as the 13-hour-long radio series, “Elvis Presley Story,” syndicated internationally. Both books were international bestsellers (now out of print).

His files and tapes and other research material constitute one of the most visited archives at the in the Mississippi Valley Collection at Memphis State University.




New Hopkins Book About Elvis in Hawaii

 Elvis's first biographer, Jerry Hopkins, is back on
the Elvis beat in Hawaii.

  Following his best-selling ELVIS IN HAWAII,
an illustrated account of Elvis's many connections to Hawaii published in 2001, the same publisher,
Bess Press, soon will release
the third in it's mini-book series.
         The 100-page, palm-sized book will place Elvis in the context of other foreign individuals and musical forms that influenced and changed the music of the islands from the time of its Western discovery in the 18th century.

 For example, the early missionaries brought the piano and hymns to Hawaii and, later, Portuguese field workers contributed a small stringed instrument that was adapted to become the Œukulele.  As was true everywhere
else, Elvis's taught the islands to rock.

         Hopkins, who wrote ELVIS: A BIOGRAPHY in 1971
and ELVIS: THE FINAL YEARS in 1980, as well as the No. 1
bestselling biography of Jim Morrison, NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE, says Elvis was the only outside performer to appear publicly in Hawaii during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, when he performed numerous times in concert, made three movies, and called
the islands his favorite vacation spot.


         The book will be published in Hawaii by the end of the year and will be available on in 2007.

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Click on the cover of "Elvis, The Final Years"
to read an article from Rolling Stone Magazine
about this book, published in 1980.

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