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Elvis Presley as Chad Gates
Joan Blackman as Maile Duval
Angela Lansbury as Sarah Lee Gates
Nancy Walters as Miss Abigail Prentice
Roland Winters as Fred Gates
John Archer as Jack Kelman
Howard McNear as Mr. Chapman
Pamela Kirk as Selena Emerson
Iris Adrian as Enid Garvey
Ralph Hanalei as Wes Moto
Jennie Maxwell as Ellie Corbett
Darlene Tompkins as Patsy Simon
Christian Kay as Beverly Martin
Hilo Hattie as Waihila
Lani Kai as Carl Tanami
Jose Devega as Ernie Gordon
Steve Brodie as Tucker Garvey
Frank Atienza as Ito O'Hara
And many others .......


Producer: Hal B. Wallis
Director: Norman Taurog
Assistant Director: D. Michael Moore
Screenplay: Hal Kanter
Story: Alan Weiss
Director of Photography: Charles Lang Jr.
Sound Recording:
Charles Grenzbach and Philp Mitchell
Editor: Terry Morse
Vocal Accompaniment: The Jordanaires
Technical Advisor: Colonel Tom Parker
And many others .......